Hello World!

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting WEIRproductions.

1st let me explain….. I am bad at this blog thing! But I am trying to get better. I much rather prefer face to face chats, but realize there is not enough time in my life to talk to everyone. So, here is the next best thing (I think?) in letting others know about my passion… Teaching Creatively!

From time to time, hopefully on a regular basis, there will be posts of…

– Friendship Makers: ways to break the ice in important situations. Teachers, Youth Pastors, New Bosses, etc. etc.

– Share It Tricks: old school message (the Gospel) with new school methods. Youth Groups, Missions, Outreach

– Events: concerts, magic shows, juggling shows, family shows, comedy shows, all types of shows will be listed here.

-WEIRentertaining: training in circus skills, magic, juggling, puppets, comedy, clowning, and entertainment.

– God in Motion: creative training for the church. How to best communicate the Gospel Message.

Please feel free to look around, have fun, and click lots!

Check us out on facebook@WEIRproductions

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