A big thank you!

A great big thank you from WEIRproductions goes out to EZ Idle of Lapeer and The WareHouse of Lapeer.

I personaly don’t know to much about EZ Idle. Please pray for them as they do their work.

The WareHouse on the other hand, WOW…. it looks like they are doing some awesome stuff. Here is their purpose statement.

“The Warehouse Activity Center is brand new to the Lapeer area. It exists to serve as a multi-functional venue for a variety of community-building activities from support groups to concert events such as Erik Bledsoe. Its founders share a vision to see The Warehouse used to meet distinct needs that have been identified in our community and to inspire those who have benefited from these services to see to the the needs of others around them.

If you have a group that is need of a place to meet for a one-time special event, or even a weekly, monthly or quarterly meeting, The Warehouse Activity Center might be an ideal venue. Please email TheWarehouse@inlapeer.com for full terms of use policy and to check for available dates. All we ask in return for the use of The Warehouse Activity Center is that if you have benefited from what has been offered here, and you have the ability to donate time, goods or services, that you would give back to help us continue and expand what we are able to offer.

Please email TheWarehouse@inlapeer.com if you would like to receive future emails with a list of upcoming events.

Coming soon: Find us on Facebook!

By the way… ERIK BLEDSOE live in concert will be taking place at The WareHouse on November 7 at 6pm. If you would like to help sponsor this great night of worship please contact me. If you want to attend. We will see you there!

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