Just The Facts of 2010

We spoke 305 times to 6695 people.  (Used the same number of cough drops)

We took 31 flights, spending about 358 hours traveling from and to, waiting in and flying out and around 11 different airports. (Just imagine how many scanned images the TSA has of us)

We slept in 38 beds (an uncomfortable average of 1 bed every nine nights).

We traveled to 10 countries on 4 Continents and 15 US States (and had to have our passport expanded).

We published 2 books (even sold a few) . . . ConneXellence – The Art of Creating Unforgettable Moments & 52 – The Art of Living LIfe with DUZIE (available at www.DUZIE.com), + 55 newspaper and magazine articles.

We mentored 6 Youth Workers and Artists in our home and several others abroad (We think they taught us more about the next generation then we taught them)/

We gave training and constructive input to 16 international youth speakers (Many will speak at places when we are unable to in the future.)

We worked as nurse, writer, educator, entertainer, consultant, guitar teacher and artist to help financially support our ministry (God is so good to provide our needs even in strange ways).

We were sick zero days (that is a miracle), Praise the Lord!

We settled Joshua in Houston, TX to get a Graphic Design Degree over the next 3-4 years (So sad for us, but such a good fit with his NET there: the Gibsons, YoHo & his church.)

We partnered with Dave Weir to manage us, and our ministry schedule (yeah . . . please book every idea for us with him: bookings@DUZIE.com or (810) 358-4455.)

We found a new home for our Dog, Champion due to ministry and travel (most tears of the year day).

We responded to over 10,000 e-mail, text, twitter, and Facebook messages (it just isn’t as good as face to face, but it works when distance lies between us).

These are some of the FACT type details of our 2010 year.

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