WEIRproductions – Another Creative Idea!



The Description:

Any liquid is poured into a styrofoam cup and immediately disappears. This is a great illustration of Jesus taking away our sins.

The Routine:

You will need a pitcher of room temperature water, 2 styrofoam cups, drop of dark food coloring, a red sharpie marker, 3 large nails, and a volunteer.

Bring the volunteer up on stage, hand him a cup with a drop of dark food coloring in it, and begin to pour some water into it from the pitcher.

Say: This cup (with food coloring) represents your life. The water represents your actions. Maybe these actions are stealing, lying,  or cheating. What are some other actions that would make God unhappy?

Say: We call these actions, sin. Sin is anything that we say, think, or do that makes God unhappy.

Take the styrofoam cup (with slush powder) and begin to draw a large cross on it with the red marker.

Say: (talk while you draw) Because of these sins that we have committed we certainly can not ask God to accept you into heaven. The Bible says in Matthew 5:48 “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” and those sins (water) that filled our life is not pure or perfect anymore, is it?

Say: Well God made a way for you. He solved this problem of sin with His Son Jesus. (point at the cross you just drew)

Say: Jesus died on the cross for your sins. (begin to pour the cup with food coloring into the cross cup) The Bible says in John 3:15 That whoever believes in the Lord Jesus Christ will be saved. (keep talking while the slush powder sets up) Jesus died on the cross He took a crown of thorns on His head, He was beat, and (grab the 3 large nails) He was pierced with large nails in His hands and feet. (slowly push the nails through the cup)

Say: The Bible says we will be saved. Jesus takes away our sins (hold cup upside down) so that we can live forever with Him in heaven.

Say: Close with a Gospel Challenge.




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