A balancing act!

This is a great little gag you can do during dinner. It makes a great impact on your audience. A fun little stunt.

The Effect:

You balance a cup on the edge of a playing card, credit card, business card, or any other type of card.

The Materials:

A cup

A card

The Set Up:

There is really no set up. The entire stunt is done with practice.

The Secret:

Instead of balancing the cup on top of the card, you actually balance it on the card and your thumb.

The Performance:

Say, Have you ever seen a cup get hypnotized? Usually this cup is afraid of heights, but because I can hypnotize it, it won’t be. (Do a silly little wave of the hands and snap of the fingers to make it look like you are hypnotizing the cup.) Now, I will place this cup on top of the card and because it is not afraid of heights any-longer, it will balance. (Do the secret move.) After a bit of balancing take the cup down and say, I don’t want to leave him up there to long. What if he wakes up? Now, I will hypnotize you to give me a well deserved round of applause. (wave your hands and snap your fingers.) Take a bow.

Tips and Advice:

This trick has sight angles. Be careful of the people sitting to your left or to your right. It works best with your audience sitting straight on. Practice a lot before you use your mothers fine china.


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